Naturally parents want their children to enjoy life to be happy and to live life to the fullest. Unfortunately sometimes a distressing event/s happens in your child's life and suddenly they withdraw from yourself and others around them. They may feel helpless, anxious, depressed, fearful, sad and hopeless.


You may feel hopeless too and are unsure about where or who to turn to. You find yourself seeking support to help your child to make sense of it all.


That’s where we come in, we are Creative Arts Psychotherapists specialising in Dramatherapy and we are here to support you.


What is Dramatherapy?

Dramatherapy is a ‘safe space’ that allows confidential and non-judgemental exploration through the art form of drama. It is not about performing and no previous experience or interest in performing arts or drama is necessary. Dramatherapy is a unique form of psychotherapy in which creativity, play, movement, voice, storytelling, sensory work, music and role-play have a central position within the therapeutic relationship.

What does a Dramatherapist do?

Dramatherapists are both artists and therapists and are trained to enable clients to explore their life stories in order to resolve or make troubling issues more bearable. Within a Dramatherapy session we work therapeutically creating a safe space for clients to explore feelings and emotions.

What are our credentials?

Dramatherapy is a recognised and accredited Creative Arts Psychotherapy. 

We are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and Full members of the British Association of Dramatherapist (BADth)


All our therapists carry their own indemnity insurance and have Enhanced Disclosure Barring Service Certificates (DBS)


London Based

Ali MacDonald

Whole Harmony Wellbeing Centre

47 High St, Hampton Wick,

Kingston upon Thames





Phone: 020 8977 0679

Working day's:


Mon: 8am-8pm

​​Wed: 7pm - 9pm​

Thurs: 7-9pm

Sat: 8am-6pm

Brighton Based

Lucy Joy

Works online, in schools and within families homes in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas in Sussex.

 Phone: 07930 160 433

Working day's:


Wed - Fri: 9.00am - 6pm


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